Wedding Catering Services

Wedding Catering Service

Arusuvai Arasu is one of the forerunners in the wedding catering industry. Holding our goodwill upright for 75 years and successfully catering to more than 75000 weddings, our founder has received the Arusuvai Arasu title that gave birth to the name of the company.

We understand that the food is the essence of every Indian wedding! We love to provide your guests with delicious food and amaze them with our wedding catering services In Chennai, India. The extensive variety of cuisines and dishes, make us stand out from other marriage caterers in Chennai. Starting from the north of India to the south we make all state - specific cuisines possible. With the assistance of our veterans in every cuisine, we run our kitchens to cater to every possible traditional Indian cuisines like: Gujarati, Rajastani, Bengali, etc… Majorly specializing in South Indian cuisine, we cover the smallest of niche that are highly specific like: Seemantham specials, Brahmin specials, Telugu specials, etc…

Even celebrities love our wedding catering services

Needless to say, our wedding catering services is popular among famous personalities in our country. Thanks to the Ambani’s for choosing our services for their daughter's wedding. Our wedding catering services have garnered attention of leading newspapers and magazines like The Hindu and Anandha Vikatan. However, our services don't pertain only to weddings! We take up everything from birthday parties to corporate events.

Our Wedding Catering and Serving Styles

Plated Meal Plated Meal is the most elegant style carried in our catering services. Here, guests stay seated at their tables and chooses from multiple different options on the menu. Our Servers are available to wait on the tables and serve the meals. We make it more convenient, easier, and less hassle for the guests making the entire occasion more formal and elegant.

Plated Meal is the most elegant style carried in our catering services. Here, guests stay seated at their tables and chooses from multiple different options on the menu. Our Servers are available to wait on the tables and serve the meals. We make it more convenient, easier, and less hassle for the guests making the entire occasion more formal and elegant.

If you desire your occasion to make it more casual, then the Buffet system will be your best choice. The Buffet is the self-service type where the guests can get their food as per their food choices. We will serve all the kinds of food with provided information (for allergy purposes). Our Buffet service is more flexible, where you can also add several other stations based on your preferences.

The recent, trendiest, and most happening catering style in town is Food Station, a miniature kind of Buffet. It is an excellent choice for a stylish wedding or a corporate holiday party. The highest advantage is our skilled chefs prepare food live. It makes the guests feel more special as it allows them to taste the food fresher. It also provides minimal waste of food and saves money.

A delicious dessert never goes out of style. Our professionals have learned what cakes and desserts are best with what kind of events. Wedding cakes and other traditional delicacies are ideal for weddings. Whatever the occasion may be, a perfect dessert will make the meal feel complete like the cherry on top of a cake and other dessert items.

You all love to mingle with friends and families on all your memorable occasions. Despite these pandemics, you might miss being with them. But we hope you don’t miss serving them. We arrange the complete meal covered with Banana Leaf (Vaazhai ilai Saapadu) and other varieties of your preferences. We deliver the foods to your guests to the door end with all safety measures as per government guidelines.

Wedding Catering Services : Occasions

Engagement is the happiest moment where plans for the wedding are made and agreed upon. Looking forward to your colourful life, We take care of the catering services with utmost bright ambience. Our dedicated team members are ready to provide significant and any quantities of food for your Commitment Party Food event. We tailor the engagement food based on your requirement.

We elect auspicious timings for our bright moments of life. We focus on making your special occasion lifetime memories from serving delicious food and presenting with the whole heart. Muhurta food can be prepared by selecting the best ingredients and well-served with the traditional Banana Leaf (Vaazhai ilai Kalyana Saapadu).

Wedding Reception is yet another momentous occasion where you can find the beloved ones you missed at your wedding. We provide special attention for preparing the foods by our expert professionals. Also, we offer delicious cuisine and prepare adequate arrangements for catering purposes during the wedding reception.

Valaikaapu is the most celebrated and special occasion ever. We also take part in this celebration by preparing the most delicious food for welcoming the new CHAMP! We are well known for what it takes to make your Valaikaapu office more special. And it is nothing but the presence of your family and friends that accept food arrangements.

What's so unique with our wedding catering services?

Maintaining premium quality is the driving force of Arusuvai Arasu. We know that our output is only as good as the inputs. So, we are very keen in procuring only the best produce and first quality products for our preparation. 

We believe that purity, quality and excellence is everything when it comes to wedding catering services.

Our wedding catering services are 100% customizable i.e. you can choose the menu for your day. You can make it simple and elegant with a minimum variety or make it grandeur with a wider range. Either way, we guarantee excellence.

With a head count of minimum 100, you are good to go to place orders with us. A cozy private celebration to the celebration that makes the news, our wedding catering services fulfill your specific need.

Arusuvai Arasu isone of the premium marriage caterers in Chennai. It holds the pride of servicing 25000 guests in the grand and most revered Semmozhi Manadu. Talking of another account of servicing on a large scale, we catered to a lakh of guests at Kumbakonam Mahamaham.

Keeping safety and hygiene as priority, our vessels and containers are carefully sanitized. Individual platters come in elegantly designed packaging that’s practical and easy to handle. Our ornate presentation will be a feast to the eyes too.

Let us talk about sustainability for a moment! Weddings churn in a tonne of waste. We make it better for the environment with our sustainable packaging while serving packed food for different occasions. Using eco-friendly products for serving gives us the satisfaction of celebrating harmony with the environment. We at Arusuvai Arasu strive for safety and sustainability through our wedding catering services.

Our workers are carefully monitored to follow the standard operating procedures when it comes to safety, hygiene and quality. Employing the veterans helps us bring you an unmatched wedding catering service of all times.

Thanks to our standard operating processes and our management practices, Arusuvai Arasu has earned ISO certifications that gives you proof of credibility regarding our quality of food and wedding catering services.

We love you!
We love to make your wedding memorable to your guests and help you have a permanent place in their hearts!!
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