Traditional South Indian Wedding Food Cuisines

India has a diverse culture of traditions and rituals. Every place has its own cultural practices and some new traditions that contribute to Indian culture, and the traditions and cultures are carried forward from their ancestors. There are 29 states in India, and each state has its whole different level of celebrating a wedding. Weddings are the most significant moment of one’s life, and Indian traditions ensure that weddings are celebrated and enjoyed wholeheartedly. Indian weddings are intricately planned and bring up festive moods.

Serving food to the guests is considered next to godliness, and Indian tradition does not let this belief fade away. Therefore, premium quality food at a wedding is regarded as the most crucial decision that has to be taken by the wedding family. Arusuvai Arasu makes this work easy by giving customizable options to their guest and providing the best possible quality food consisting of a traditional starter appetizer of the specific state that the wedding family belongs to the meal which will be under the culture of the couple. Arusuvai Arasu is known for its ethical way of following the traditions of Indian families.

In the southern part of India, there are different kinds of wedding traditions where certain rituals are unique and have their own cultural flavor. Weddings like Nadavas wedding, Corgi wedding, Nair wedding, Chettiar wedding, Gounder wedding, Brahmin wedding and many more. All these weddings have one common tradition tied up: to heartfully treat the wedding guests with their traditional food and get their blessings.

Some of the famous South Indian Traditional Wedding menu Ideas

Tamil Nadu Thali Menu:

Tamil Nadu holds significant traditions in weddings, and a traditional Tamil Cuisine is characterized by its dishes whose origins are centuries ago. The conventional way of serving the food in banana leaf in a subtle style and a good ambience. The blend of mustard seed, garlic, ginger, chilli, pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. Traditionally sweets are served ahead of the other dishes, and then the meal and the main courses are served.The Tamil Nadu thali contains various dishes according to the preference of the family; some of the dishes are:

1. Caramel payasam ( a creamy payasam with rice and milk along with a caramelized flavor)

2. Kesari ( rich in saffron, ghee)

3. Milagu rasam ( a flavored soup with pepper and cumin seeds)

4. Vazhakkai Bajji ( fried banana plantains)

5. Thakkali rice

6. Ghee

7. Boiled rice

8. Poori

9. Thayir pachadi

10.Neer more ( buttermilk)

11. Appalam


13.Banana chips



16.Arbi roast

17.Muttakos poriyal

18.Beans poriyal

Kerala Wedding Menu:

A traditional Kerala wedding menu mainly consists of boiled rice with side dishes, and Keralites occasionally prefer a Vegetarian Banquet or Sadhya. Some of the famous dishes in the Kerala wedding menu are:

1. Ada Pradhaman

2. Appam

3. Avial

4. Sadhya special Avial

5. Vellarikka Kichadi

6. Vishu Katta

7. Veg Manga Mappas

8. Beetroot Kichadi

9. Watalappam


11. Unnakaya

12.Uzhunnu Vada


14.Vada kootu curry

15.Roasted coconut chutney


17.Black Channa curry



20.Pappadam Thoran




24.Star Gooseberry pickle

25.Kerala Biriyani (veg)


27.Yam chips

28.Neychoru- Kerala style

29.Jackfruit payasam

30.Moru curry

Andhra Wedding Menu:

Andhra Pradesh is situated on India’s eastern coast. The food is prepared using spices, and we can notice a lot of variety of pickles originating from Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is also called as the ‘rice bowl of India’ as there are lots of rice eaters found at this place

1. Annam

2. Uppu (salt)

3. Garelu (uzhundhu vadai)

4. Neyyi

5. Pappula podi

6. Bangala dumpa vepudu ( potato curry)

7. Aratikaya avapetti kura ( banana curry)

8. Dondakaya vepudu ( ivy gourd poriyal)

9. Mudda pappu ( plain dal)

10.Charu ( rasam)

11. Nimmakaya Pulihora ( lemon rice)

12.Vadiyalu ( fryums)

13.Perugu ( curd)

14.Kobbari chutney ( coconut chutney)

15.Avakaya ( mango pickle)

16.Bobbatlu ( sweet stuffed parathas)

17.Sabudana kheer


19.Sweet poli

20.Jeelakarra Miriyala Rasam ( Andhra special rasam)

Udupi thali menu:

Udupi thali is one of the flavors of South Indian cuisine. This cuisine is an integral part of the Mangalorean tradition, and it is the central vegetarian cuisine of Karnataka. This cuisine is considered the cuisine with nutritious and wholesome cuisine that balances spices, vegetables, and pulses. The Udupi tradition starts with serving on banana leaves and following Indian tradition. Dishes that are included in the Udupi thali are:

1. Sugar ( sarkarai)

2. Pinch of salt

3. Ghee

4. Hayagreeva ( A signature dish of Bengal gram and jaggery)

5. Maavadu Oorugai ( Baby mango pickle)

6. Beans usili

7. Kosambari ( lentil salad)

8. Hulipaya ( combination of spinach and dal)

9. Annam ( white rice)

10.Jeerige Menasu Saaru ( flavoured soup)

11. Majjige Huli ( A South Indian version of pakoda)

12.Kaalu chutney ( lentil chutney)

13.Bhajji ( potato sliced fries)

14.Happala ( pappad)

15. Neer Majjige ( buttermilk)

There are so many different religions in India, and every religion and every custom follows a Specific way of conducting a wedding. So the Mighty day celebration is incomplete without following its tradition and exchanging happiness and blessings. So to promote a prosperous and peaceful completion of the wedding ceremony, Arusuvai Arasu takes up all the responsibility of surviving the best-flavored food Shri Natraj Iyer’s recipe.

Arusuvai Arasu follows all traditions from serving the food in a banana leaf to offering betel leaf in the end. Arusuvai Arasu has a dedicated team that will customize the wedding food according to the customer’s preference and tradition. A traditional Indian wedding may look complex, but it holds happiness that any other event can never attain. Arusuvai Arasu believes that the following tradition is a vital element to have a symbolic traditional Indian wedding.

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