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We always priorities the safety of the guests. The coronavirus pandemic has given a massive transformation in the hospitality industry from social distancing to contact less serving. We implement more stringent measures and standard operations in wedding food delivery. Some of the measures are: 

Increased level hygiene in the kitchen 

Food Safety begins with the people who are preparing meals. We take different measurements before, during and after shifts cleaning the kitchen entirely and sanitizing it. We are diligent in frequently wiping the counter, cleaning tableware utensils, door handles, and high contact surfaces. 

Sanitizer stations for chefs and delivery staffs 

Everyone working with us is expected to maintain a high form of cleanliness and personal hygiene. They are essential to maintain a tidy food health standard. Regular sanitation has been encouraged by us to all the delivery staff and chefs.

Protective barriers for all working employees 

The safety of our workers are equally important, so we motivate them to wear protective barriers while entering the kitchen and while delivering the wedding food to the guests. All the team members have been trained on new cleaning and disinfecting procedures. 

Social distancing in the kitchen 

The cooking team is asked to practice social distancing inside the kitchen and wear appropriate PPE while cooking. Additional sanitisers are provided to them to clean their hands frequently. 

 Sanitisation of the boxes delivered 

The ready to go carton boxes are being deep sanitised before the delivery team takes them. We make sure that special instructions are given along with the wedding food for the guest to sanitise the package even after receiving it. 

Ensuring of a proper mask, gloves of the delivery team 

The delivery team is checked to carry proper mask, gloves and do adequate sanitisation. Personal hygiene is highly increased, and symptomatic staff are advised to quarantine themselves and not come for work. The delivery team members are asked to leave the wedding food package outside the door and inform the wedding guest so that they can retrieve their package. In this way, the guests and the delivery team have minimal contact. 

We put forth our entire effort to provide healthy, tasty and hygienic wedding food home delivered safely. Also, if you are worried about wedding food  because of the covid pandemic, we take up the responsibility of sharing your wedding happiness on your behalf. 

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