4 Exclusive Healthy Wedding Food additions by Arusuvai Arasu

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In these times of pandemic, people have taken necessary lifestyle adaptation measures to protect themselves from covid. Weddings are no exception; wedding invitations are issued to fewer family members, and the rest of the family and friends are invited to be a part of the virtual wedding so that they can shower their blessings virtually. The people who are attending the wedding in person are made to follow social distancing. Even though everything else is comforted by some measures, food is the only thing we can’t offer virtually. We at Arusuvai Arasu expanded our services to deliver wedding food to their homes. Yes, now the food can be enjoyed by the guest, that too from their place. 

1) No rice basket 

 No rice basket might be one of the low-hassle meal baskets. Our team makes extra efforts in making no rice basket by adding Indian slices of bread like aloo paratha, Malabar paratha, Puri, Appam, Moong Dal Chilla, Makki ki roti, Kulcha, Butter naan. We also add plant-based proteins such as nuts, beans, lentils that can be a good source of healthy protein to include instead of rice. Arasuvai Arasu catering is flexible intaking pre menu and noting down the exact customer needs and prepare delicious food, and delivers it to the wedding guest’s doorsteps

 2) Colour basket  

Colour basket can be a complement to the leading food. Our team has put together a colour wheel that is completely chemical-free and can be in a well-rounded diet. It combines a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and gives good digestion of the main menu. The Colour basket consists of red contains tomatoes, Guava, papaya, cranberry, watermelons. Green which includes sprouts, green apples, broccoli, cabbage. Purple, which has plum, beetroot, purple cabbage. Orange basket that contains carrot, mangoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, Apricot. Brown basket that includes lentils and chickpeas. Wedding guests can select one or more colours to be included in their basket, an infusion set of Health, flavours, and colours. 

3) Snap Juices 

Unlike main menus, snap juices are one of those portions that are prepared specially for all the liquid, beverages, smoothie lovers. Snap juices are produced by fruits and veggies when they are in season. Wedding guests can also choose their snap juices according to their consumption habits. 

4) Traditional Food basket 

We always give immense importance to our wedding guest’s Health and requirements. Our team nowhere compromises their satisfaction. The idea of a traditional basket introduced by our team is exceptionally prepared for food-sensitive and guest’s who want to have their traditional food. The baskets are designed using only sustainable ancestral ingredients. Our recipes are freshly prepared after the confirmation of the order. Our team of chefs has a well-prepared menu customized according to the wedding guest’s preference. The traditional basket is freshly delivered to the wedding guest at their home. We have different customizable traditional baskets according to their natives, like the south Indian traditional basket, which contains Sukku Thippli rasam, Murungakka sambar. Kerala traditional basket that includes Meen kozhambu, Matta arisi. Guests can enjoy the flavoured diet and bliss.

Arusuvai Arasu’s new basket addition makes the wedding guest choose their meal according to their convenience. Our catering services are mainly towards customer satisfaction. Covid can be prevented only by safety measures. We at Arusuvai Arasu take the safety of the customers as our top priority. We deliver the wedding food to the guest’s home with extra safety awareness. Our cooking team and each member appointed by Arusuvai Arasu takes all the safety precautions so that you can have your food wholeheartedly. Physical distance is maintained inside the kitchen, good personal hygiene – washing hands frequently is enforced by Arusuvai Arasu. We follow all the possible food hygiene measures which the government also prescribes. The delivery team are made to carry sanitizer and are well masked. They also wear gloves and can assure a safe heartwarming contactless delivery. 

About Arusuvai Arasu

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