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The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which is wreaking havoc the world over, Covid pandemic has enforced an unexpected new normal life. Specifically, weddings are advised to have a minimal no. of rituals, minimal no. of guests. Most of the guests are also encouraged to attend the weddings virtually. Guests get ready and shower their blessings virtually to the newly married couple. Adding to this trend, we now deliver wedding food to their homes. Healthy and mouth-watering food is now delivered to the guest’s place. 

Covid food Adaptation : 

 Safety and hygiene is always kept as a high priority by the team of Arusuvai Arasu, and as the wedding food is home delivered to the guests’ extra precautions are also taken owing to Civic effects. A physical distance inside the kitchen, good personal hygiene with frequent hand washing are enforced by the team of Arusuvai Arasu. Application of general food hygiene measures is most importantly followed by us. Also, the delivery team has a sanitizer and is well masked, with gloves at the time of delivery. Contactless delivery is assured. 

Rituals in mind : 

A traditional South Indian wedding catering has its list of delicacies and is often served on a Banana leaf, with a pinch of salt. 

Also, a prepared menu is served with the delivered food so that the guests can have a look at the menu before having it. A thank you note is also left with the food to make the guests feel connected to the wedding. Adapting to the new normal not only requires health safety but also a fulfilled heart which arusuvai Arasu is ready to deliver.  

Kalayana Sapaadu : 

A wedding is just not complete without good food. A traditional South Indian wedding food includes Rice – plays a significant part in the wedding lunch, Pickles – they are just to explore different heavenly tastes at the same time, sambar – the aroma of sambar will certainly make anyone mouth-watering, poriyal, kootu, aviyal, vatha kulambu, appalam, vadai, and the most tempted payasam makes the wedding lunch full. Arusuvai Arasu has now adapted to deliver wedding food directly at the guest’s place.  

Happiness is meant to be shared:  

There were times when weddings would be filled with guests. But the new normal has made it all the way around, government instructions include only a minimum amount of guests for health safety. Keeping in mind the safety of the guests, making a minimum amount of guest list for the wedding would make us feel heavy-hearted but the new system of being virtually connected partially pacifies the heavy feeling. Weddings are all about Happiness. We make sure to share it with all your friends and family.  

 The adaptation of new normal is very important to start exploring the new life, weddings and events should prefer giving maximum importance for the safety of guests. The guests should be encouraged to attend the wedding virtually and shower their blessings. Weddings become incomplete without wedding food, they not only make the guests’ stomach full but also give them satisfaction and a sense of happiness. Arusuvai Arasu makes this even easier by home delivering well-cooked and delicious wedding food to the guests’ houses. The guest can enjoy the food and at the same time enjoy the virtual wedding as well.  Real Joy is when the guests and the couple are happy.  

About Arusuvai Arasu  

Arusuvai Arasu Caterers, are one of the premium catering companies in South India.  They have never compromised in providing premium catering service for events like corporate gatherings, weddings, parties, and such. Arusuvai Arasu has excelled 2 Lakh + occasions and is still growing strong. Arusuvai Arasu has completed over 75 years, with premium quality food, simplicity, reliability, and customizability, and also has won many customers hearts through quality service.