How to Organize COVID-19 safe wedding Celebration

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Corona Virus pandemic wedding functions have changed its concept of the grand wedding to a very intimate one where close family members are the only ones that are physically present. But that nowhere means that the joy of weddings has reduced. People, indeed, while following Covid-9 protocols, are still celebrating their wedding functions in a more creative way than they have ever. However, the expectations from catering services have been increased, and we are asked to work on our traditional ways in a more creative way. 

 How does Live Stream weddings create a comfort zone? 

We get the fact that during weddings we ant all of our loved ones to be there, but that isn’t safe neither for them nor for us, but technology has provided us with an alternative to that Zoom group call or Live streams are into Trend, its safe, creative and with that, the joy remains the same. It’s celebrating a grand wedding but virtually. The happiness and satisfaction of all your loved ones being there are still the same; they indeed got ready and attended your wedding and blessed you on your big day. What more can one want? 

Wedding Food delivery at Home still keeps the charm of weddings. 

Food is always a way of showing our love and happiness and the epitome of celebration in our country, and we can’t miss it by any chance during the wedding celebration. 

With home delivery services available at Arusuvai Arasu, you can send your love and share your joy safely within your circle. There is no need for any change in the menu a proper delivery package with; considering all the covid-19 precautions and protocol, we send Food delivery packages at your loved one’s doorstep, thus making sure that your love and joy are safely shared. 

 How we at Arusuvai Arasu make sure to spread love and happiness, and not Covid-19 

 We are known not just for our tasty food recipes but also for our expertise in customer satisfactory catering services and with the spread of pandemic we have been cautious about your health and our Staffs. Staff’s RCPTR tests are done; we make sure we always maintain hygiene and sanitized workstation and kitchen, with every single person wearing a mask and being sanitized before he or she enters the venue. The parcels that we deliver are clean, sanitized and delivered from a safe distance to Home. We always opt to spread love and happiness through our food and services and not COVID-19 and always took care of that; we made sure that the precaution policy is better than cure is into action among us.  

 Call Arusuvai Arasu has taken place for Covid-19 weddings. 

We know and have found that catering during pandemic weddings will be a challenge; we assure you always take care of safety and hygiene. Still, requirements with situations have increased, and with decades of trust, our customers have kept us on edge to work harder, smarter, and better. Our wedding food delivery is one of the timely ways to spread love and joy safe and easy and has started a new trend that now most of the families opt to do during weddings. Live stream and broadcast have made sure that none of the wedding rituals is missed, and we have made sure that the love and joy you share through food isn’t missed too! 

 Stay safe, Stay Home.