The Top 5 COVID Friendly Wedding Food Ideas

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Covid-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. Weddings are meant to be unique, but the pandemic has added numerous changes to our routine weddings. The pandemic has brought up unexpected changes into the new normal life; adapting to the new normal has been the hardest of all. Even though the guests are encouraged to attend the wedding virtually, the guests should be served with the wedding food, which is part of the tradition—considering all this, Arusuvai Arasu has come up with the new idea of delivering freshly cooked, tasty food to the doorsteps of the guest. This makes the guest happy, and also at the same the tradition is also followed. 

 The new wedding adaptation makes us give high priority to the guest. Keeping this in mind, Arusuvai Arasu Caterers provides delicious wedding meals and the food is prepared by following all the safety measures drawn by WHO. 

 Vitamin C Enriched Appetizers 

 Appetizers are for making your taste buds ready to dive into the main course. The prevailing covid pandemic has forced us to stay healthy and fit always. So keeping that in mind, Arusuvai Arasu has come up with an idea of appetizers enriched in VITAMIN C. Vitamins are essential nutrients and act as an antioxidant and neutralises the unstable compounds in our body; vitamin C also indicates a functional role in boosting up the immune cells. Dishes like cottage pineapple salad, avocado dips will give you an excellent start.  

 Usage of steel boxes 

 The Indian tradition has always stood by using steel utensils. Steel utensils have minerals that add an extra element to the prepared food. Arusuvai Arasu never lets off little things that bring a smile on guests’ faces. The main course will be delivered to the guest in steel containers. The banana leaf, menu card, and steel containers will make guests express an added happiness. The main course with rice, vatha kuzhambu, poriyal, aviyal and adding to this delicious combination of food the containers they are served will give satisfaction to the guest.  

 Red and green veggies 

 The red and green coloured veggies are said to be the powerhouse veggies of all. The beetroot, tomato, cabbage makes the food delicious, and also, these veggies get their hue and boost the nutrition. The antioxidants present in veggies reduce the many deadly diseases. Arusuvai Arasu leaves no chance in the health of the guest. When the wedding catering meals are delivered to the guest, the meal will be served with a carton of veggies.  

 Tiny packages of desserts 

 Deserts are one of the essential elements that make our meal complete. The covid has made us follow distancing even in our sweet homes. So Arusuvai Arasu’s tiny packages of desserts will give the guest the privilege of saving the tasty desserts for later and can enjoy its divine taste individually without a mess. The best way to enjoy sweetened happiness is through Arusuvai Arasu’s tiny packages of desserts.  

  Happiness has no endings. Even if the guests are not present at the wedding, physically treating them with tummy-filling tasty, well-cooked food can make them feel the happiness virtually too. Arusuvai Arasu’s great initiative of delivering wedding food home keeps the guest simple and makes sure that the wedding happiness is not affected. Let’s all stay safe in our home andfollow the rules implemented by the government and share joy virtually.  

 About Arusuvai Arasu 

 Arusuvai Arasu Caterers are South India’s one of the best customer-centric catering companies. They make sure every happy moment is served with quality, tasty, and healthy vegetarian food. Arusuvai Arasu has catered to more than 2 lakh occasions over 75 years and gained almost every customer’s trust and heart. They have filled the hearts of customers with love as well as tummies with hot, delicious warming food.