Top 5 Wedding Reception Catering Trends

An important aspect to ensure in a wedding reception is to take care of the food being served to the guests. It’s also important to make sure that the reception food menu isn’t too old-school so people of all ages can have a fun and lively experience. More than ever, the reception ceremonies today isconsidered a very informal event. Generic styles have gone by to be replaced with innovative thoughts on traditional catering methods. Wedding catering services such as Arusuvai Arasu Caterers nowadays looks into current trends and styles in the culinary space and food dreams of people byhelping them curate a unique menu for their wedding. Some of the latest catering trends in wedding receptions are:

1. Greens

With more of the world moving towards a healthy lifestyle, vegan and vegetarianism is on the rise. More and more couples are influencing their wedding reception food to also showcase this lifestyle. Green foods are making their presence known in the form of organic foods, salads, and even organic drinks. Some green dishes that people usually prefer are chickpea curries, dishes made with flavored rice, coconut, dal, etc. Arusuvai Arasu caterers, specializing in South Indian cuisine are experts in promoting the vegan and vegetarian food options.

2. Colour Infusion

Mixing up the menu for a wedding reception with colourful food that compliments the theme of the wedding is one of the recent trends to look out for. Wedding caterer’s experiment with colour infusion in various stages of the food menu from welcome drinks to deserts. Colours can be mixed and matched with various veggies, fruits, juices, creams, syrups, flavoured milk and more to make the food look appealing in presentation and style. The natural colour of food can also be used sometimes to make dishes look appetizing and satisfy the peoples hunger pangs at the same time. 

3. Quick Bites

Small bites of savouries, sweets, snacks and exotic delicacies are becoming the rage. This promotes the conversation between guests to flow freely without having them to step into a separate dining hall for a sit down meal. The food options can be healthy and light for such quick bites and can be used as appetizers striking the taste buds to keep people wanting more. Some quick bite dishes that are most popular is mini pizza bites, mini samosa’s, cheese balls in bread crumbs, harabarakebab, paneer skewers, veg sheekh kebab, fruits infused with sweets, pineapple skewers and much more. Occasionally, nuts such as pecans and raisins are added by the wedding caterers to give different textures to the food and keep it exciting.

4. Toss and Toast

Interactive food stations are slowly becoming something to find at every wedding reception one goes to. At these live stations; one can interact with the chef to make the meal desirable to their needs. This way, it becomes easier to cater to a wide variety of culinary palettes and taste preferences. Some of the food items that can be served at live stations are different variety of dosa’s like podidosa, paneer dosa, mushroom dosa etc, also different variety of pasta’s in red and white sauce, deserts like Jalebi and rabdi and much more, 

     5. Mocktail Counter

Specializedmocktail counters with flair bar tenders can be set up in the dining hall to cater to people’s high spirit cravings. Mocktailcounters includingfresh fruit juices, exotic syrups, and soda’s that can help diners who wants to have some fun at the wedding. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and clementine’s can be sliced or juiced and mixed together to create various mocktails. Fresh fruit juices like mango, grape, watermelon and apple juices can be served as well for people with neutral palette. Edible flowers are also sometimes used to decorate the drinks and to add a bit of innovation, creativity and new experiences. Refreshments such as cut fruits and berries can also be served.

These wedding catering trends are still evolving to even more exotic, interactive, and eventful affairs especially in the wake of 2021, more and more receptions are styled in a way that they are worthy of being posted on social media platforms such as Instagram and facebook. So, it becomes important to look for a catering company that provides the right wedding catering services to help realize your dream reception catering experience.

Arusuvai Arasu Caterers is one among the premium catering companies in Chennai which can help realize the modern food catering trends in customizing food menu and dishes. After having successfully catered to more than 75000 weddings and specializing in South Indian cuisine, Arusuvai Arasu catering is the caterers which you can look out for your wedding catering services.

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