Top 5 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

Marriages are made in heaven. And the Food you want to serve at your big day should be a heavenly feast which everyone would crave for.

Who doesn't want good Food at their Wedding?

But the difficulty here is finding that perfect wedding catering services.

Being in the catering industry for over 75 years, here is a list of Top 5 Criteria’s to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Caterer.

Capacity to serve people

First and foremost, the number of people you are planning to invite and the caterer’s capacity to serve them should match perfectly.

For example, suppose you are planning to invite 2 Lakh people for your Grand Wedding. In such case, you have to identify caterers who are established and experienced in the industry with prior large scale wedding catering services. Premium caterers like Arusuvai Arasu in Chennai holds the distinction to host such large scale weddings to make the overall food and catering management experience delightful.

Tip: We understand what you are thinking about. Here's how you can know about the Catering Team Capacity. You can pick your convenient ways from the below:

Ask Directly:

You shall ask directly to the Catering Team head or the corresponding authority.

Enquire: Enquire with their previous client references that would be a great source to know their capacity and strengths.

Research: The Internet is all for you! Testimonials and Reviews are a great power-You may do your own research and survey and find if your desired Catering Providers would fit in to handle the such scale and capacity of guests.


Each wedding Catering Service provider will have their own uniqueness and specialization, just like how each Wedding differs from family to family in all aspects concerning tradition, culture, taste, and preferences.

For example, one catering team might be better at Kerala Cuisines than the typical South Indian Cuisines like Rasam, Sambhar, Kootu, Thogayal Etc. The Cuisine & the dishes vary broadly. Knowing their specialty and specialization will help you take a better stand-in choosing the Best Catering Service for your Grand Day.

You will be able to know their specialization from the type of weddings they have catered to mostly, by tasting them, from reviews, or through word of mouth. Arusuvai Arasu has various specializations according to the Cuisine you prefer, which is why you should consider choosing us.

Customization & Flexibility:

Let's talk about Customization in special firstly: Your guests might prefer between South Indian and North Indian Cuisines or even more with a multi-cuisine option from across cultures. It depends on your guests. The Catering Provider that you choose should be capable of Customization to make your Wedding Food according to your preference. Arusuvai Arasu is your one stop solution for such customizable menu options, they provide options for more than 10+ cuisines from across the country.

For example, say you have estimated only for 1 Lakh guests at your wedding, but due to your sheer love from your loved ones, friends and families another 10,000 guests has graced your wedding. In such case, you will need a Catering Service Provider capable of making the food arrangements without any difficulty. Flexibility matters!

At Arusuvai Arasu, we have done 75,000+ weddings with such magnitude and scale of guests, and we have never failed to deliver beyond expectations every time. This is why you can trust us.

Quality Food

The quality of Food is the ultimatum that will keep your Wedding talked about, remembered and rejoiced. When it comes to wedding catering, we all expect an appealing presentation and tasty Food with best quality and authenticity.

Keeping this in mind, talk to the Catering Team about their way of making food, where they source the ingredients and groceries from, what brands of oil and masalas they use, if their thought process syncs with yours; of prioritizing quality and authenticity of the product as a first process.

We at Arusuvai Arasu understand and follow the standards to provide you with the best catering experience with us. Additionally, we are an authorized; ISO certified Wedding Catering Service Provider in Chennai to make your Food tasty with best quality and authenticity.

Value For Money

Value for money is an important factor which everybody looks forward to while investing with a wedding catering service towards the food which is provided for the guests on the big day. Nothing more than a heartfelt satisfaction can fulfill anybody’s peace of mind.

Food is one thing that stays at heart even after the Wedding, any day, any moment or year. Great Food can make your Wedding arrangements extra special and grand. If you're looking out for Best Wedding Caterers in Chennai, Arusuvai Arasu undoubtedly will cater your wedding catering needs. ARUSUVAI ARASU has enormous experience in handling various events of scale with positive remarks in their approach, presentation, Menu adaptability, service and more.

Arusuvai Arasu is undoubtedly your one stop solution for the Best Catering Services in Chennai.

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