Qualities of an Elite Large Scale Wedding Catering Service

For any large scale wedding catering service, the best thing the company can do is to exceed the expectations of the client and deliver on the service. Arusuvai Arasu Caterers have this ability to be the name of Elite Large Scale Catering in South India. They have done this by having a few qualities that earned them the title of ‘elite’, ‘premium’ and ‘large-scale’. Some of these qualities are:

Amazing, amazing food

The top priority of a catering service is the food. The food served to the guests attending the event has to be top-quality. For a large scale catering service, the amount of food made should be enough to feed everyone that attends. It is always wise to have a little extra food prepared rather than have guests waiting with no food to serve them.

Using top-quality ingredients and produce

For making something elite, the very best of the best is what’s required. Therefore, the ingredients used to make the food for catering are to be bought from the best markets and shops. The fruits, vegetables, and dairy products bought should be fresh. Most of all, the ingredients need to be kept clean while transporting them to the kitchen and also while cooking. 

Cuisine Variety

Elite large scale caterers like Arusuvai Arasu Caterers have a plethora of skills to showcase. It is important to have a good variety of cuisines that can be prepared as the catered menu. Fusion of different cuisines as well as traditional, conventional cuisines. The cuisines showcased can open new doors of flavour exploration and wonder for the event guests.


It is always important to be on one’s feet while in service. This is especially true in the catering service because the wishes and requirements of the event planners can change at any moment. The caterer should be on hand to change up the variety, cuisine, dining layout, serving style, and do anything within their ability to please the event planner. This means to adapt to any change in plans, problems and issues is the mark of an elite wedding catering services in chennai.

Blending food with Decor

If the caterers are able to serve the food and arrange it in a way that attracts the eye of the guests, they are truly setting up stakes to impress. The food can be placed on different clean surfaces before heading to the plates. They can be arranged in a pattern, stacked up on top of another, stuck on a stand to pull out, arranged in a grid, or they can be made into various shapes, thus catching peoples’ eyes and hearts. Blending the food with the decor in these ways can cause conversations surrounding the caterers, leading to increasing reputation and popularity.


The most important rule that a large scale caterer has to follow is to not waste any food. The food made at elite large scale services is top quality and made using the freshest fruits, vegetables, and best ingredients and techniques. Thus, it would be tragic if too much food is made and it invariably goes to waste. Thus, any food that becomes extra would be donated to the people who need it so that in that way, food isn’t wasted and there’s some good done in the world as well.

Qualities like these are very hard to capture and maintain especially while in the heart of catering service where so many things can go wrong. Thus, it is very deserving of a catering service to be called ‘elite’ if they fulfil these qualities. In addition to having the service be elite, if the caterers can pull off something amazing to make the event planners happy, it is more than deserving for them to be the best.

With over 75000 events catered to in over 75 years, Arusuvai Arasu Caterers are the prime example of an elite large scale catering service. It is in their name ‘Arusuvai Arasu’ to be the king of the six primary tastes of humans. They have successfully carried out events such as celebrity weddings and parties. Thus, they have earned their title.

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