Great Vegetarian Eats for Corporate Event Catering

Whether it takes place in the office building or off-site, the event needs to be planned out in every tiny detail for any corporate event. This applies even to the catering of the lunches. For a corporate lunch, going for a vegetarian menu of options is appealing because of such a menu’s ability to keep the food healthy and energising at the same time.

You can look towards introducing the following options in your menu the next time you plan a corporate event.


Some appetisers that can be put on a vegetarian menu for a corporate gathering are veggie wraps and veg sandwiches. Wraps are soft flatbreads that are rolled around a filling. The filling can be lettuce, tomato slices, mushrooms, grilled onions, cheese, a sauce filling such as mayonnaise or ketchup. Wraps are a popular item used in catered gatherings. They are easy to eat and can be made quickly too. Veg sandwiches are made by putting a spread and layers in between two slices of bread. The bread can be toasted or grilled. Veg sandwiches can be cut into small triangles and served, helping to get the taste buds activated in time for the main courses.

Main Dishes

For a corporate catering , it is vital to have the main courses be filling to the stomach and not too simple. Dishes such as Masala Dosa, Veg Biryani, Coconut rice, and fried rice can be used on a vegetarian menu to appeal to people’s taste buds. Masala Dosa, in its simplicity, is simply a dosa that has a filling along with it. The filling is usually a spicy and savoury potato filling. Many varieties can be made in the masala dosa using different flours to make the dough and other spices and vegetables to fill. Veg Biryani is a classic vegetarian delicacy intended to enrich taste buds and fulfil appetites. Coconut rice and fried rice are popular variations of flavoured rice and add a great dimension to the staple.

Side dishes

The main dishes are enriched by side dishes that bring a new taste into the mix. Some of these side dishes are gobi Manchurian, vegetable fry (or poriyal), salad, etc. Gobi Manchurian and other similar Manchurian dishes are fried vegetables that create some spiciness to go with the rice. Vegetable fry or poriyal is vegetables cooked in oil with onions and spices such as mustard seeds, coriander, cumin, fenugreek seeds, etc. A salad can also be eaten on the side with main dishes. The salad can be a vegetable salad or a fruit salad. Both variations are aimed at making the lunch refreshing and provide a healthy option for any eater.

Snack Items

Snack items such as chaat, spring rolls, samosas can be served in between meetings to give something to talk about and to engage people in conversation. It is a useful way to make the breaks in the day interesting and keep people energised to go into the next part.

Chaat items such as pani puri, bhel puri, Dahi vada, pav bhaji, etc. can be served as snacks. Spring rolls can also be done as a snack as they are easy to eat and crunchy. A dipping sauce such as ketchup or mayonnaise can be served along with the spring rolls to make things interesting. Samosas are the best example of an everyday Indian snack that people eat during their break hours.

Dessert items

No event or occasion would be complete without dessert being served. That being said, offering gulab jamun, carrot halwa, payasam, and other sweet desserts will always be the highlight of the occasion. Desserts served in corporate gatherings should be easy to eat, especially if they can be put in a disposable cup. Such small desserts are bound to be a hit.

Such immaculate planning is desirable for any event held in the corporate world. Making variations of the dishes served over events lasting for more than a day can have the eaters rejoice in the variety and diversity of food.

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