Destination Wedding Food Ideas

The best thing about any wedding is the food. Rich food that is delicious and decadent can always be found at a wedding. This is especially true for a destination wedding. A destination wedding is when the wedding ceremony isn’t held in a marriage hall or venue that is built for the purpose of the wedding. Most destination weddings happen on the beach, at resorts on hill stations, near lakes and in historic, romantic castles. Having a wedding at such venues means that it is important to have everything planned to the smallest detail. The food catering as well needs to be planned well. Here are some ideas to make the destination wedding food catering interesting and memorable.

Themed Buffet

The food catered can be in the form of a buffet with a common theme running through the wedding menu. The buffet can be themed according to the location of the wedding or according to the preferences of the bride and groom. For example, the wedding menu can be made completely of green foods or the theme running through can be South Indian cuisine. Making the menu all vegan and all vegetarian or completely gluten-free is also possible.

Food Boards

Serving the wedding food on wooden boards makes the food more presentable and appealing to the eye. It can also give the guests something to talk about. The wooden boards can have the food arranged in a patterned appealing way. This also helps keep the food items organized. Food items that are served in small cups would be kept on the boards in a grid-like manner.

Local Produce Options

The adventure and excitement of going to a destination wedding can be met by introducing the food that is native and local to the destination itself. Using locally grown fruits, vegetables, and dairy to make the wedding menu can help the guests get a sense of the exotic nature of such destinations. It is helpful to seek help and advice on the quality of such local products by consulting the renowned chefs and cooks of the area.

Live Stations

Live stations are becoming the popular trend at many modern weddings. Especially at destination weddings, it is a bit of a show and eye-catcher to have live stations where cooks can prepare the food items in front of the wedding guests. This can be done for small appetizers and easy-to-finish desserts and other small food items. Grilled food items can also be done this way.

Pick-and-Eat Desserts

The desserts served at a destination wedding are bound to be extravagant and luxurious. The desserts can just be kept on a table where anyone can come and pick them if they like. It is sure to be a hit with the children of the guests. Having such easy-to-eat desserts also helps people keep tidy without getting themselves messy while eating the dessert.

Hot/Cold Drinks

Depending on the temperature of the destination, the beverages served at the wedding can be made accordingly. This means having cooler, mild, refreshing drinks like fruit juices for the warm climate destinations and warm, energizing drinks like tea and coffee at cold climate destinations. 

As with all weddings, the food needs to be wasted as little as possible. To make sure no food goes to waste, it is best that the food caterers take away with them any food leftover at the end of the ceremonies. This also ensures that the destination venues such as the beaches and resorts do not have to have unnecessary calls and discussions with the wedding planners.

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