Planning for a wedding during the covid pandemic can make you understandably concerned about the necessary precautions for a wedding family for their guest’s safety. Caterings are one of the wedding areas that have to be majorly adjusted due to the covid. 

We balance safety and provide deliciousness within the covid guidelines by introducing covid warm drinks, meals and appetizers to give a satisfying experience to the guest. However, covid-19 has forcefully made many friends and relatives bless the groom and bride from their homes. Hence, sharing a good Wedding Catering meal and a variety of dishes has become a distant dream. 

Still, we make it easy by delivering fresh and tasty wedding food at the guest’s doorstep. Also, we make sure to take safety measures like checking the temperature of the staff working, ensuring proper sanitization social distance while delivering the wedding food. 

Moreover, we take up the responsibility of maintaining its standard and giving a premium experience of dishes. We have also formulated new creative ideas to delight the wedding guest with delicious home-delivered wedding food


The wedding family can take up prior orders from the wedding guest to know their choice of food. Our team delivers their selection of food. 

Arusuvai Arasu has a wide variety of thali like South Indian thali, Gujarati Thali, Italian thali etc. Sharing happiness knowing the guest’s choice makes them even happier. Due to the covid pandemic situation, weddings are allowed to have only a minimal number of guests. We deliver freshly cooked wedding food by taking up all safety precautions to the doorstep of the guest. 

Box it up 

We make sure to pack the wedding foods correctly and deep sanitize them. Moreover, the packed boxes are 100% heatable oven boxes. Guests can store the delicious wedding food and heat it later. Also, make the boxes accessible so that Wedding guests can directly freeze the wedding food in the refrigerator without hassle. Arusuvai Arasu uses three different packaging types to delight the wedding guests: 

  1. Food-Grade Plastic – A plastic that is entirely safe to carry hot food and is 100% degradable 
  1. Ever Silver Carrier – Serving food in silver boxes has always been a tradition in south Indian culture. Arusuvai Arasu does not want to let the practice off and is ready to serve the wedding guest with ever silver carriers of 6 tiers which will carry a two-person meal in it. 
  2. Ever Silver Carrier With Woven Basket – Woven baskets (Koodai) The weaving of the basket is from old history. Arusuvai Arasu is known to withhold all our traditions together. This packaging of Arusuvai Arasu is carried with woven koodai of either medium-size or large size, preferred by the wedding family.

Banana leaf, betel leaf (Vethalai) 

Banana leaves are rich in antioxidants and contain polyphenols that prevent lifestyle diseases. Arusuvai Arasu provides Banana leaf with every package of meals. The antibacterial property in the banana leaf majorly kills every germ in the food before its intake. A complete south Indian meal is when it is done with Vethalai, and Arasuvai Arasu provides Vethalai neatly packed to enjoy its taste and benefit from its high minerals.

Candy bags

A sweet treat for the guests to enjoy at the end is a must. Our team packs two different packages of Candy bags, one for the kids, including candies, lollipop cookies and some chocolates and another bag containing some traditional sweets according to the guests’ choice, which will be noted in the pre-order time. Guests can also store the Candy bags and enjoy them later too.  

Our new upgrade for the covid-19 pandemic of freshly cooked guest selected wedding food home delivered can keep the guest and the wedding family also delighted. It is always essential to make our guest’s heart full and stomach complete. Even if the pandemic is not letting us serve them from our hands, let us serve our guest in their homes by delivering wedding food 

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