Corporate gatherings/ events are unofficial meetings, dinner, conferences or organizing creative activities. Corporate gatherings serve as an event where the working employees feel a better and open-hearted experience within their usual working community. While managing a company gathering division, one standard and the necessary standard is selecting the right Banquet Hall and quality premium catering service for all these places.

Survey and Research report that small business owners carry out gatherings frequently with their employees and yield a favorable ratio of 96 % of betterment in their employees’ work. Corporate meetings are regarded as a real investment focusing on the company’s employees; numerous positive results have been witnessed by the survey research of MMB while carrying out the corporate events or getting together with all the staff.

Starting from a large organization to a small startup, every company can benefit from gathering out their working staff and treating them well with premium corporate catering food.

Sign Of Hospitality

Serving food and feeding people is considered next to godliness. Still, many companies and organizations think serving food and making the employees happy can cost them a more significant amount. But Arusuvai Arasu has a one-stop solution for all the cost problems along with quality food.

The idea of sharing a meal with the employees and leading a conversation or idea from fellow workers can sound more of networking and enhancement. Once you know the connection between planning and showing hospitality towards your employees, you will be able to realize that good food and good-hearted employees are a part of a better organization.

Arusuvai Arasu has all premium corporate catering services right from continental breakfast to formal plated dinners. Being creative with your employees and taking some risks to organize the events can make the gathering more special and appreciable. Arusuvai Arasu also helps you to customize your menu according to your requirement and cost.

How corporate gatherings or events can be a benefit for the firm?

Increase of turnover

Employees usually get motivated when they receive a promotion or hike in the salary and at the same time start to feel even more honored when their work is noted and appreciated in front of fellow employees on a bigger stage. According to the statistics, companies notice that employees have become three times more productive by doing so.

Promotes creativity

Taking your employee team outside the working environment and exposing them to a new environment will make them think of new ideas and boost company morale. Company gatherings and events have proven to increase a positive feeling among the employees and feel more than just working for the company Sector.

Build relationship and strengthen the teamwork

A company works efficiently only when the intricate pieces work together. The malfunctioning of one component can also decrease the entire company profit. Corporate gatherings can serve as a great time to motivate each other and Foster team spirit. Corporate meetings can also be a perfect place where employees can take it as an opportunity and relax with their colleagues. Even the slightest happiness that the employee receives can automatically boost the company’s turnover and build the relationship among the team members.

Build progressive minds

An informal setting for the employee can make them feel less pressured and think with an open mind and make progress in how they feel as they get the stage to meet different co-workers of their company. A quarterly/ annual corporate gathering can encourage the employees to exchange their thoughts and ideas.

An opportunity to celebrate success and reduce stress

Corporate gathering can be a better place to celebrate success and address the goal that has been accomplished by the particular time. Boosting up the employees morale and acknowledging the company’s milestone can make the employees optimistic about their progress. The company gathering even allows employees to have a break from the regular schedule and organize the schedule back in an improvised and effective manner.

Arusuvai Arasu has unique ideas to organize your corporate gathering.

Some of them are:

Food Stalls

Plated dinners may sound well, but the concept of a food stall is that people can move around while talking with their colleagues, and each food stall can have different themes according to their region or group.

Creative settings

A simple coffee corner or a chat corner might not be as exciting as knowing the employees’ interests and setting the stalls accordingly. You can interact with the employees by giving cooking demonstrations or karaoke corners at the corporate event. Some employees might also like nostalgia or retro settings so that managers can take a generalized opinion from the employees prior, and the company can set the event team accordingly.

Arusuvai Arasu has 5+ cuisines and delivery options. We have a devoted team that makes sure that the premium catering food is delivered and organized correctly in the event. Our creative team strives to build a great community within the team and help the employees reduce their work pressure.

About Arusuvai Arasu:

Arusuvai Arasu Caterers are among the finest catering companies in South India. We have never compromised on providing quality, tasty, and healthy vegetarian food in all celebrations of happiness like corporate gatherings, weddings, parties, etc. We have offered their services and made people happy on more than 2 Lakh occasions and are still growing strong. We have proudly completed over 75 years, with premium quality food, simplicity, reliability, and customizability, and also has won many customers’ hearts, that being their central values.

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