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Seemantham - a celebration that all expectant mothers eagerly wish to have for; a day when everyone dotes on them with love and affection and showers with their warmth and blessings; a day filled with traditional rituals and customs for the well-being of the mother and the expected child. 

Apart from the day's cultural significance, the speciality that holds value to a pregnant woman is the feast served at seemantham. Prepared perfectly to suit an expectant mother's taste and health, the best seemantham saapadu consists of deliciously cooked rice varieties that exude wonderful aroma and arusuvai flavour.

In a culture where every ritual and tradition have their own reasons, it is not surprising to know that the seemantham saapadu served on this day is precisely the combination of flavours that can satisfy any cravings (even the odd ones) a pregnant woman may have.


Baby Shower Catering Menu

This seemantham saapadu menu typically consists of various rice varieties of every flavour, such as puliyodharai, lemon rice, mango rice, sweet pongal or kalkandu sadam, coconut rice, tomato rice, pudina rice, vegetable pulao or biryani and curd rice. Apart from this, the regular menu for special meals such as sweet, white rice, sambar, rasam, dhal, poriyal, aviyal, kootu, thuvayal, payasam, appalam etc., will be included. 

Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter, and astringent - every food item on that menu represents a flavour from the “Arusuvai”. Just the sight of a traditionally served meal on a banana leaf is enough to kindle anyone's appetite, let alone a pregnant woman. 

We, at Arusuvai Arasu, with our long-standing expertise and knowledge, are experts in offering the best catering services for baby shower ceremonies in Chennai. Our tradition, values, culture and deep-rooted history in the industry make us the master in cooking the finest seemantham saapadu in Chennai.

We understand the cultural significance the event holds, how important it is for the family and what it means for the expectant mother. Our commitment to tastefully enrich your food with quality is our top priority. We believe in using only the fresh produce and the finest ingredients which helps us in presenting a scrumptious valaikappu catering you've ever tasted in your life.

Our baby shower catering menu is uniquely designed to suit every customer's taste and preferences. Our attention to detail and the passion to offer the best quality valaikappu/seemantham catering services make every interaction with you deep and insightful. This is precisely how we excel in providing the best customer service you've ever experienced. 

Also, we do not just limit ourselves with the typical valaikappu menu servings of 7 to 9 varieties of rice, We are more than happy to work with you and create a bespoke menu with any number of dishes and flavour combinations, even going up to 21 rice varieties. All you need to do is just let us know, and the rest as they say, will be a unique experience.

Got a valaikappu ceremony coming up in your family? Contact us now to get the best quote for the occasion and make your event a memorable one for years to come.


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