Benefits Of Premium Catering In Corporate Gatherings

Corporate gatherings/ events are unofficial meetings, dinner, conferences or organizing creative activities. Corporate gatherings serve as an event where the working employees feel a better and open-h ..

Shri Arusuvai Nataraja Iyer's Sambhar Recipe

Indian traditional foods include lentils almost in all dishes, and lentils are the fundamental source of protein. For example, Sambhar is a South Indian stew prepared with mixed vegetables, Herbs, spi ..

Hassle-Free Wedding Catering During Covid

Amid coronavirus, it is intimidating to make a wedding celebration just the way you've dreamt of. With fewer family members attending the wedding, virtual blessing showered and social distancing proto ..

Traditional South Indian Wedding food cuisines

India has a diverse culture of traditions and rituals. Every place has its own cultural practices and some new traditions that contribute to the Indian culture, and the traditions and cultures are car ..

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