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Nataraja Iyer, a young lad of 11, had already spent several years assisting his grandfather Subramania Iyer in the culinary arts. Nearly nine decades later, he would still reminisce about the profound teachings of his grandfather, "there is cooking, and then there is cooking with creativity, zeal, and affection. The effort you invest in a recipe is just as crucial as the ingredients you select. A recipe is lifeless without a soul; it is the Cook who breathes life into it."

Emerging from a lineage of culinary experts, the youthful Nataraja Iyer commenced his journey as a modest server at the esteemed Modern Hotel in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Subsequently, he ventured to Madras in 1952 to serve at the MIT Hostel in Chromepet, followed by a tenure as a Chef at the renowned Geetha Cafe in Chennai. In 1956, Chef Nataraja Iyer transitioned into Caterer Nataraja Iyer, courtesy of a generous proposal from Shri MN Sambamoorthy Iyer. Whether it was the prestigious title of "Arasuvai Arasu" (signifying the Emperor of Six Tastes) bestowed upon him by Former President of India Bharat Ratna Shri. VV Giri, his role as the caterer at Rashtrapati Bhavan for President R Venkataraman, or the delight of serving over a million meals at 100,000+ events throughout a career spanning 75+ years, the unassuming Arasuvai Arasu Nataraja Iyer had witnessed it all.

From having cooked in the era of soot-laden kitchens where chefs fanned flames in wood-fired ovens to the contemporary Michelin-Stared Technology Powered Kitchens, Arasuvai Arasu Caterers have maintained their premier status for decades in orchestrating events for every celebration - whether it be opulent Luxury & Corporate Events, Grand Galas and destination weddings, Upanayanam, Sashtiapthapoorthi, Sathabhishekam, Engagement, and more. Until his demise at the age of 92, Sri Nataraja Iyer could be spotted in his iconic white khadi shirt, veshti, and thundu, with his forehead adorned with vibhuti, meticulously overseeing the chopping of vegetables, peeling of fruits, and serving of meals with a discerning eye. To this day, the timeless tradition continues.


Served Up to 1 Lakh+ Dining in a Day

South Asia is Our Home.
Born and raised in the heart of South Asia, we understand the core of its flavors.


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Mr. Sridhar Natrajan

Chairman - Arusuvai Arasu

Mr. Kamesh Narayanan

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As we take Arusuvai Arasu's legacy forward into event planning, we, Sridhar Natraj and Kamesh Sridhar, promise to treat your family like our own. We'll make every event more than just a meeting – it'll be a celebration that brings everyone together as one big family.
We're here to be more than just a service; we want to be a beloved part of all your special moments

Note From Chairman

Sridhar Natrajan

Beyond Events, We Craft Experiences

We don't just manage events; we turn them into celebrations that reflect your unique story. Imagine your dream event—the joy, the laughter, the perfect details. That's what drives us. We combine our passion for event planning with a relentless focus on making you happy.

With creative ideas and flawless execution, we transform your vision into an unforgettable experience. Your dream is our blueprint. Our dedicated team treats every event with meticulous care, ensuring every detail surpasses your expectations.  

Our experience in luxury events means personalized service is paramount. We take on a select number of events each year, allowing us to focus on creating bespoke celebrations that leave you and your guests with memories to cherish.

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