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Being a Pioneer in the field of Food Catering, Shri. N. Natarajan Iyer honored the title of ARUSUVAI ARASU (Emperor in Food Preparation) by Shri. V. V. Giri Former President of India, Governor of Karnataka, and Governor of Kerala. Shri. Arusuvai Natarajan’s Younger son Mr. N. Kumar, and Mr. N. Shridhar showed a strong hand by expanding Arusuavi Arasu’s catering business throughout Tamilnadu.Arusuvai Arasu Companies have offered their services on more than 2 Lakh occasions and are still growing strong.

Journey of Arusuvai Arasu Catering

Arusuvai Arasu was founded by Thiru N.Natarajan who hails from a small town in Kumbakonam. Arusuvai Arasu title was fondly given to our founder by the former President of India V.V.Giri and thus the company was named Arusuvai Arasu. Thiru N. Natarajan came to Madras from Kumbakonam and worked at Geeta Café in Mount Road. It was while he worked there he happened to meet the former president V.V.Giri through organising his daughter’s marriage ceremony. It is the motivation and well wishes by the former president that led to founding of Arusuvai Arasu later by our Founder

As the journey continued of serving people with amazing food, Thiru N Natarajan’s first son, N.Kumar joined the business. He introduced north Indian cuisine to the general catering business in Tamilnadu. He experimented with north Indian dishes into south Indian marriage ceremonies. N.Kumar’s ability to plan large scale wedding operations made Arusuvai Arasu Catering to scale new heights in the entire south Indian catering industry.

Mr. N. Shridhar, Thiru N.Natarajan’s 2nd son also joined the business later to strengthen the business operations and serve more clients. Mr. Shridhar’s strong business acumen for growth helped Arusuvai Arasu to expand its services in Destination wedding catering services, for serving South Indian food to guests in the international arena. With the exposure to Destination weddings, he also introduced international cuisines to Arusuvai Arasu’s catering menu. He took every small aspect of serving and presentation seriously in-order to create a grand food experience for the guests at the weddings. It is with all this collective hard work, service, dedication and sincerity to serve authentic food to people; Arusuvai Arasu stands tall and is known as one of the leading caterers in India.

Arusuvai Arasu today is in its 5 generation of catering service and is now led by Thiru N.Natarajan’s grandson Mr. Kamesh.

When a man's stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.

"The way to someone’s heart is through Food"

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Director's Message

Our honourable Shri. N. Narayana Iyer, the director of Arusuvai Arasu has a message for all of you! Our generation is getting so far from the Traditional level of food preparation, we are keener towards buying everything readymade and it potentially affects our health like no other. So, here we are to provide you the food in the most traditional way with utmost purity. If anything,Arusuvai Arasu Companies are one of the best food caterers with proven purity standards.

“No amount of cost can make up for the lost health. Choose to stay healthy”

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